What smells so good? I want that too!

Whether the cattle for our restaurant #steakwerkstatt have been raised here in the Freising
countryside or in the infinite vastness of the Mid West in the US – the most important thing is that our chefs are impressed by the quality of their meat.

Our chefs are keen impress you, our guests, with their skill, offering sophisticated and utterly delicious recipes/ Bon appetit!
Choose your own favourite steak with the perfect
side dishes, whether it’s a Dry Aged delicacy from our in-house ripening cabinet or perhaps one of our vegetarian options. Our new concept leaves plenty of room for culinary interpretations
from every cuisine on earth,
even without meat. You decide!

Take a seat, choose your favourite dish and enjoy
a relaxing evening at the OLYMP Restaurant. Competence and expertise meet warm hospitality and pleasure. Or, as they say in Bavaria: “Sauguat”

Take a seat!

Small individual tables for a first date or a romantic, candlelit dinner,
family tables for a relaxing dinner with loved ones
and long tables for birthday celebrations, baptisms or confirmations.

No matter which table you choose, we will take care of the
professional service, excellent food and the right bottle
of wine to go with it all.

You simply sit back and enjoy the experience…


Olymp Munich Hotel Restaurant Table

Olymp Wine Cellar Eching


Would you like another glass?

Light and carefree, a great classic or the chance to try something new?

No matter what you fancy, our wine list has
more than 40 exquisite grape products from all over the world,
so you are sure to find the right wine for you. And if that’s too much choice for you, place your trust in
our service team. With all our experience we can always find a suitable wine in our cellar.


Home sweet home

The “Wirtshaus”, or tavern, in Bavaria has always been an extension of
the living room at home. The rustic warmth and charm of our Andreas
Stüberl comes very close to that. You can feel the pleasant
heat of the fire. The reverberation of lively conversation
at the regulars’ table has seeped into the wood panelling. The fragrance of
freshly cooked food wafts past your nose.

The Stüberl is a place where guests become friends.
A place for social gatherings over a game of cards.
A place for a thrilling mystery novel over an evening beer.
And of course also a place to enjoy honest Bavarian cuisine…

Rustic. Cosy. Bavarian.


Olymp@s Restaurant Stueberl