On our doorstep

Our local tips, right on our doorstep



Meadows, forests and lakes on our doorstep

A few hundred meters beyond Eching’s borders you are surrounded by fields, meadows and forests. On one side, you will find yourself in the Garchinger Heide Nature Reserve. And on the other, you’re almost splashing in the refreshing waters of the beautifully scenic Echinger See. Why not explore the region on foot, jogging or even cycling with our e-bikes.



Bathing and relaxation at 185,000 m

A wellness centre meets a slide-filled adventure paradise in the world’s largest spa. Tropical pool landscapes, a wide variety of saunas and bathing experiences await you at Therme Erding, north of Munich. Even better, you can reach this Bavarian-tropical dream in just over 20 minutes from the OLYMP Munich. Happy splashing!



Palaces are seldom found in isolation…

Drive fifteen minutes to Oberschleißheim, and there are palaces and castles galore – Altes Schloss, Neues Schloss, Schloss Lustheim, Schlosspark… it’s one of the most important baroque complexes in Germany. Once built as a summer residence for Bavaria’s electors, the magnificent buildings shine in full splendour after their restoration and are sure to captivate you.



Never forget

Even if some would prefer to deny this fact, the Third Reich is an unavoidable part of German history. In the immediate vicinity of the OLYMP Munich you can take a guided tour that illustrates and explains the atrocities of the Nazis in the former concentration camp at Dachau. This is certainly no “feel-good excursion”, but it is nevertheless extremely important as a way of maintaining and preserving the memories of that time.



The beating red heart of FC Bayern

One of the most modern stadiums in Germany and world-famous for more than its unique architecture, the Allianz Arena is home to Munich’s record-breaking football champions. Find out all about FC Bayern and take a peek inside the players’ dressing rooms on a fascinating tour or add to your fan merchandise on a shopping tour through the FCB store. The stadium can also be reached in no time on one of our e-bikes. End this eventful day with a delicious dinner and refreshing beer here at the OLYMP Munich.



Fresh fish from next door

With its many years of experience, passion and love for its fish, Nadler Hof always produces top-quality fish, which is why they also grace our menu at the OLYMP Munich. The trout, char and salmon trout are farm-bred and raised with great care in over 20 ponds. It is no coincidence that the address is “Am Forellenbach” (“On the Trout Stream”). Fresh spring water guarantees excellent water quality. Our tip: Visit Anton Kurz in his farm shop, where he offers fish and other fantastic regional products.