Mission Statement

Our MISSIOn Statement

In order to communicate a company’s mission internally and externally, a so-called “mission statement” is often used. We, the team at the Hotel OLYMP Munich, also revised our mission statement together with our management team in the first quarter of 2022. The aim is, among other things, to make this statement tangible and understandable for each and every one of our employees and of course also for our guests.

THE symbol of Bavarian hospitality – the beer stein – is certainly the ideal base to understandably visualize our statement. The foam at the top is also provided with the overarching vision. Our “modern hospitality” is carried out and supported by 8 components. In particular, our core values ​​of tradition, competence, motivation, professionalism, authenticity, simplicity, appreciation and solution orientation are, in their entirety, the components of our “DNA” from which modern hospitality is created at OLYMP Munich.

Our motto is: “We create memories”, which is the foundation of all our activities at the Hotel Olymp Munich.
We want to create unforgettable, joyful memories for all our guests.