The ideal location to inspire your fresh ideas

Sensing the trends of modern times and translating them into innovative feel-good concepts and experiences for guests is one of the strengths of the Hotel Olymp Munich in Eching. We welcome tourists and holidaymakers, as well as business travellers, corporate customers and our loyal local population.


Looking for a change of scenery and a special setting for a constructive or creative activity, or for developing your team spirit? The new “Ideenreich” – meaning Realm of Ideas – is just the room, with plenty of space for inspiration, concentration, brainstorming and much more.


The idea of a flexible, practical and yet atmospheric meeting room has been brought to life in the “Ideenreich” space. Equipped with all the requisite hospitality and technical conference technology , this versatile meeting room lives up to its name: for hotel guests or for business meetings, as a culinary or creative workshop, for advice, specialist lectures, company training, seminars, board or owners’ meetings, and much more.

The Ideenreich can accommodate up to 18 participants and is connected to all the hotel amenities. It also has a separate entrance, so it can be used completely autonomously: you can maintain your privacy and be completely undisturbed. Modern kitchen equipment with a refrigerator and a coffee machine is available as well as an inviting bar/counter. A modular system allows you to choose between a conference table and/or smaller seating groups to suit your needs. You will find a quiet and cosy environment with an inviting and positive atmosphere that will let your ideas blossom.

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